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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 05

A picture of your favorite memory

Hands down my favorite memory was my childhood in Durban, South Africa. I met lots of people with different personalities and ethnicity. No, when i say Africa its not filled with dessert and wild animals. Well at least not where I live. South Africa is pretty much peaceful. We had road-trips to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Drakensberg, Zimbabwe and other places. I used to speak Zulu, but the only word I remembered now is Sawubona and Yebo. Hahaha. My friend's family used to own a candy shop and we always had these spicy candy called fireballs. In the year 2004, my dad was offered a job back in Melaka. That was the moment I started hating everything Malaysia had to offer. It was different. The environment was different, the people, the language and even the society. Up till now I still get confused with Bahasa Melayu. And this was the part of my childhood that developed my passion for music and traveling. Chey gaya macam aku main instrument pulak. Ahahah tk lah. I just like listening to music. 

Oh yeah i changed my header. FYI, a hipster is someone who is not mainstream. Its not actually a lifestyle for me, but its kind of  like  label saying that i'm not a mainstream.

If you focussed on this picture you'll realise i edited the eyes and also the teeth. Learnt it all from YouTube, hahah.

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run aziluz said...

sorry menyibuk kat sini :P

pasal polaroid tu, belilah satu. tak mahal pun :) if berminat boleh bagitau kite, n kite boleh tolong carikan. kalau nak beli apa2 analog / lomo cams pun boleh je kalau nak kite carikan :)

btw, nice pictures lah! tere awak ambik gambar. heheh.

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