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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 04

A picture of yourself and a family member

Meet my eldest sister Tasnim, she's in Egypt. This picture was taken in London. Our annual family vacation. She has like about 4 or 3 more years there. She's my spiritual guidance, she has helped me through everything and she gives me strength and faith. I believe she's the most perfect person in the whole world. Any guy who gets her will be the luckiest guy ever. She's smart, funny, supportive and all the positive traits i can ever mention. 

I went to watch Badai Semalam at IB on Saturday. I was like the new born baby in the malaysian movie industry. While we were queueing all the women ran to take a picture and i was like, Who the fuck are you? My little sister said she was Liyana Jasmey. Thank god I had this girl who was totally obsessed with dramas and emotions and of course Malaysian actress. I constantly asked her "Ni siape pulak?" and there was this guy nama Aaron Aziz, nama mat salleh seh, hahah. Overall Umie Aida was the most convincing role and Erra Fazira was so beautiful. I had a crush on her ever since Cinta Kolestrol but that was the only movie i watched that had her in it, in fact that was the only Malay movie I liked.

Twilight Breaking Dawn is coming out, hahaha i'm not that entirely thrilled. 
Let David So explain.

Hahahaahaha omg he makes me pee. This guy is so funny!

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