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Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 03

A picture of he cast from your favorite show
A lawyer with killer shoes and a deadly attitude

This is Drop Dead Diva. It shows on AXN Beyond channel 720. I'm not sure when i started watching it and i've just been watching it without knowing it's already in Season 3. Idk why i even like this movie but I remember watching it with my first sister when she came back for her holidays from Egypt. 

Song of the day

Its sad really. All the singers I used to love back then, I dont really love now. I mean the new Rihanna album is great except for those songs singing about sex, ugh. I'm just whining here. I dont have a point really, or an argument. Changes occurs. And whats up with Disney stars! Its like ALL the Disney stars grow up to be controversial. and all those pathetic shows Disney comes up with is outrageous. It used to be so cool back when i was young. We had Thats So Raven, Phil Of The Future, Suite Life Of Zack and Cody, Even Stevens, The Proud Family, My Family and I. I mean those shows were screaming "Hey you're a kid, take your time growing"Shows nowadays are rushing kids into growing and becoming so EVIL. No offense guys. I'm just saying. And its outrageous how parents let their 6 to 14 year old children on Facebook or Twitter. I mean the internet is dangerous. With their raging hormones, rationality does not even occur. Kids nowadays are growing too fast. tsk tsk.

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