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Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 06

A person I'd love to trade places with for a day
Meet Kat Von D

She's beautiful, she's talented, she's fun and she draws tattoos, what more could i say?! I used to have this super huge crush on her because i saw her on LA Ink and Miami Ink. She's beautiful and she has this wonderful personality and her face is vibrant. Whenever she steps in a room everything just seems perfect. Tattoo artistes is more than drawing skulls and faces on skins, they have creativity and they design all the tattoos. Then they draw it permanently on someone's body. To reach that level of confidence and passion, is really astounding. 

My all time favorite movie would be Miss Congeniality and Mean Girls. I mean i watch Mean Girls everytime and I know all the lines in it, I just wish I could meet someone who loves it just like I do. We can quote the lines all the time and I'd be like "Boo you whore" just like Regina George. i tried to do it once but I just look retarded. Who doesn't love Mean Girls. Its Mean Girls. Regina George, Gretchen Wieners (She's totally rich because her dad invented toaster strudels) , Cady Heron, Janis Ian (Your mom's chest hair!) , Damien (too gay to function), Karen (on Wednesdays we wear pink) and Kenny G aka Kevin Gnapoor. Okay, i'm not their biggest fan, but I just love them so much, and i can pretty much quote Mean Girls. I watch Miss Congeniality everytime i feel like shit. Argh i cant describe how much I love Miss Congeniality! AND NOT TO FORGET 4 FOR YOU GLEN COCO!

I've been experimenting in photo editing, and i've been learning it from YouTube and it sucks donkey balls! I cant get it right and every time I do it, it looks all fake and shit. Today i wanted to do a lipstick edit, and it ended up like shit. I swear I look like one of the Stepford Wives!

I have got to say if you took your computer like 1 meter away, it looks real.


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