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Friday, May 6, 2011

to be or not to be.

to be or not to be, that is the question

I'm not much of a Shakespeare fan but when your whole life is revolved around people who talk in English or entertainment which are in English you tend to pick up a few things. This was from my sister c:

To be or not to be is probably the most well known in line in all the masterpiece of Shakespeare. This was from Hamlet. What Hamlet is musing on is  the comparison between the pain of life which he sees as inevitable and the fear of the uncertainty of death and of possible damnation of suicide. Hamlets dilemma was that although he is dissatisfied with life and its many torments, he is unsure what death may bring.

that was Hamlets dilemma. the dilemma we face. what college must i go to? what will make my parents happy? will this be good for my health? should i accept his love? will this make me fat? so many choices, how do i choose. your judgements are often obscured by factors such as temptation, the people we love. our happiness or theirs and much more. some have set in their mind that they really want to change, but soon temptation takes the better of them and they find themselves making the same mistake. it's hard. trying to be a better person is very hard because all the bad things we've done before has become a bad habit. but there is a difference between hard and impossible. it may be hard, but never impossible. insyaALLAH, Allah SWT will guide and give you strength. you'll feel His power running through your veins, guiding you in every choice. just as long as you hold out your hand and ask for His guidance. He wont help you if you do not ask. we're only human. we are not cleverbot. we are prone to make a few mistakes. you will hurt a lot of people with any choose you make, but you can never please everyone. some may get angry or disappointed on our judgements. so how do you make a good choice, a choice thats good for you and for your loved ones? solat istikharah. pray to Him that you'll make a great choice. He has great powers and he will guide you in every way He can. life is defined by the choices we make. The good ones we benefit from and the bad ones we learn from. As a famous man one said if you had to choose on two evils, choose non and if you had to choose from two goods, choose both. It's choice not chance that determines your destiny.

Dan kehidupan dunia ini tidak lain hanyalah bermain dan hiburan. Tapi jauh lebih baik adalah rumah yang di akhirat bagi mereka yang adalah Al-Muttaqun. Apakah kamu tidak mengerti?

And the life of this world is nothing but play and amusement. But far better is the house in the Hereafter for those who are Al-Muttaqun. Will you not then understand?

the life we live now is only momentarily. hidup lah di dunia seperti seorang perantau. we are only passing by in the dunya. soon, we will have to continue our journey to the akhirat. but to travel to our destination we'd have to go pass customs. here you will be judged where your destination is. will you get a passport to jannah or a deathnote to jahanam. if you're a terrorist with a bad past and filled with so much bad deeds, you'll plunge into the depths of the unknown. your scream will be obscured by the scream of others. the pain is inevitable and unending. the things that we may think is fun and all happy in the dunya, soon will turn out bad for us in the akhirat. we dont realize this mainly because temptation has gotten the better of us. do not fret. turn your heads toward Allah SWT and he will guide you c:

my all time question. how can i go back after everythings that happened?

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