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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

osama bin laden dead. this matters more than your pathetic gossips

rumour or not idk.

i guess everyone is familiar with this name. the question to me was he a bad guy or a good guy? i really dont know man, and with my small tiny teeny mind, i do not dare to decide this. all i know he has fought so hard against the US government, and this somehow shocked me because in a way i'm just left with confusing thoughts. was osama bin laden a good man and has fought in the name of Islam and has he died as a warrior to OUR religion? did he die with Jihad in his heart? or was he a man with good intentions but wrong judgements.

i've watched this documentary before. I was called 10 Ways To Kill Bin Laden. American efforts to kill or capture Osama bin Laden span more than 10 years and three presidential administrations, yet the elusive terrorist leader has managed to stay alive and in hiding all this time. kjlbdsfjvhbekar. there was once when they had this biggggggg like ship or something that could fire a missile accurately, but the ship has to be in a specific range. it was the TOMAHAWK MISSILE and during that time osama bin laden was in this well, i'll call it a fort. in this fort there was his wives and children and all his soldiers. the US governemnt have been staking his fort for a long period of time and they saw men training for battle. since the US government didn't have political relationship with pakistan, the americans weren't allowed in the pakistani waters. so the US government had to ask permission. but if they did ask permission the risk that was on the line was the fact that maybe the pakistani would have told osama bin laden, and osama bin laden would have escaped. but that was a risk the US government was ready to take. but their predictions was accurate. because when the missile was launched, and osama's fort was destroyed, the US government could not locate the remains of osama bin laden. the US government even hired talibans to work for them, the talibans were fully trained to assassinate osama bin laden.

the effort they go through to kill Osama bin Laden. is just so well, pathetic. i wont go in this matter because a foot long post just will bore you to death, but yeah the message i wanted to send here is that keep your eyes and ear open towards this sort of news. not just those celebrities crap.

( i see people blog about it, and i'm like, dude, that celebrity dont even know you, why dedicate a damn long post to a person who wont even know you. get a life. please.)

oh yeah i was watching the diary of a bad man ( recommended by a mutant called stazel ) and i like this saying

when we get too caught up in the dunya, we loose the reality of the akhirat. the things that makes us happy in the dunya, can soon be sorrowful in the akhirat. 

think about it, okay. that is all.
oh yeah the dudes in Diary Of A Bad Man 4 is seriously attractive, i guess its the accent. and unfffffff c:

salam c:

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