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Sunday, April 17, 2011

i really wanted to blog tonight. about assumptions and all this, but my mood was crushed. i watched Orphan. now, i'm going to bed. i shall go to bed, right now. i must go to bed. goodbye, now.

but i'm just gonna leave this here

these songs just said how i felt. 

that day i read ayat Al-Quran ni.

Tak tahu betol ke tak, but i just made my own conclusion.

Ada satu golongan ummah yang telah terpesong jauh dari ajaran yang dibawa oleh Nabi mereka. Dan apabila ditanya, mereka menjawab, hati mereka telah tertutup untuk mengikuti ajaran Nabi itu. Sebenarnya, Allah SWT telah tutupkan hati mereka atas segala kekufuran dan dosa-dosa yang dilakukan oleh golongan itu. Dan Allah SWT tak kisah kalau hati kita tertutup untuk Dia ke tak, sebab kita yang akan masuk ke api neraka.

EH, diamlah, minta maaf sebab BM mcm ciput. Memang tk pandai BM, asek kena ejek ngn org je D:

We know the sins we commit, but the need to repent and to stop, is entirely up to Allah SWT. Only He can open your heart towards repentance. Only He can give you the courage and determination to turn over a new leaf. If we seek this feelings, one must ask Allah SWT with heart so pure and chaste and only filled with pure intentions. So, hold out your hands, bow your heads in shame, and plead for His forgiveness. Do not come to a point where He, closes your heart. Do not come to a point where your heart turn pitch black.  


msredcheesecake said...

Cool blog.doesn't sound like 16.

Syifaa H. said...


turning 18 this november

calm your tits bruh Calm your tits bruh Calm your tits bruh