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Monday, April 11, 2011


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

i was reading Wanita. God. Honestly, cant we come up with a magazine that satisfies everybody and has A+ quality!

i watched The Book Of Eli last night. And i guess this afternoon i'll watch The Sand Persia, ape entah.

First an foremost, i actually hesitated about writing this post. Because to me, things about Islam and its history and the future is very important to me and i dont want to say things that might trigger others anger or say something wrong/false because in the end it'll just come back to me. and the last thing i want in this virtual world is hate from people i dont even know. So i decided to change the content a little bit.

i dont know what the future would be like. will we be demolished? will the entire race be wiped of from the face of the earth? or will we go back to the dark ages where we had to kill/steal/rape or all these things just to survive? how the world ends i clearly do not know. because its all up to Allah SWT. it wasn't the plot of the movie that intrigued me, but the content of the movie. the fact that only one book could change mankind and bring us all to humanity and civilization. The fact is in this movie, the book was the bible. thats why i say i was intrigued by the content. to me the only book that has this ability id The Quran. On the day Nabi Muhammad SAW his last testament was

"Verily, I leave behind me two things, that if you hold them firmly and in a second, you will never be lost for ever, that the Quran and my Sunnah."

The Quran could either be our weapon or our weakness. Is this not true. if our enemy were to study the Quran and its contents, they would gain the knowledge on how to defeat our religion/race. Is this not a battle strategy? I've heard rumours about the Israel and all, and i have to say 60% of me do believe it is true. But yet again, people work in strange manners. We can never figure out a person because in one blink of an eye, they can change and turn out to be the opposite of our assumptions.

Ok back to my main point. I've been reading the Quran ever since i was a little girl. But i've never really understood the meaning. Now, everytime i read the Quran, i would read the meaning too. Yeah, it does take time but when you're living in a big house, with no one to talk to, you tend to appreciate every minute you spend knowing He will always be there for you. 


You dont need a guide book or tips book to live. You just need to embrace every single detail in The Quran because that is the only thing that can bring you happiness.

glee keeps me up when i'm down.

Dont try to make me happy. Dont ask me if i'm bored at home, because you know I am. Just leave me alone. Because the only person I'm happy to laugh with in this house right now is Fathimah and she's 10. What i really want you will never approve of. so just leave me alone.

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