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Monday, May 16, 2011

bye harry potter

Meet Morgan Freeman. Now i will show you the conversation he had with an interviewer.

Interviewer: Black history month you find…

Morgan Freeman: Ridiculous.

Interviewer: Why?

Morgan Freeman: You’re going to relegate my history to a month?

Interviewer: Oh, come on.

Morgan Freeman: What do you do with yours? Which month is white history month?

Interviewer: (pause) Well, I’m Jewish.

Morgan Freeman: Okay. Which month is jewish history month?

Interviewer: There isn’t one.

Morgan Freeman: Oh, oh. Why not? Do you want one?

Interviewer: No.

Morgan Freeman: Right. I don’t either. I don’t want a black history month. Black history is American history.

Interviewer: How are we going to get rid of racism?

Morgan Freeman: Stop talking about it.

the only way to stop something is if everyone stopped talking about. stop talking about it in a joke, in a metaphor, because that is the only way people will stop comparing. this same goes to religion, gender, sexuality or whatever. i dont like people being gay, i mean its against my religion, but i'm not going to go and protest against them because somehow they're human too. like it or not, we have to help them but violence and evoking their rights is not the answer. the more you take away from them, the more they get angry and they will resolve to violence. okay this does not happen much in malaysia since this is an Islamic country. but how about other countries whose citizens do not believe in god and are mostly god free. the days i spent on tumblr, i realised most of them are bisexual or gay, but they are nice people and they're defending their rights. i dont support gay rights, because its against my religion but i do want harmony.

so i watched remember me, it turns out he died in the world trade centre incident. seriously? when everything was going all right.

and i learnt how to do this in photoshop
i dont have new pictures so i just recycled the old ones.

its going to be the end of harry potter. harry potter is the best and totally worth all of my time movie. i mean we practically watched them grow up. the thing is, there is nothing in the world like the harry potter series. the time when vampires are everywhere could never compete with the harry potter series. so i'd like to post this picture that made me smile. goodbye harry potter :(

this has been disturbing me a lot lately. i dont think the clothes you wear makes you any different from me. just because i dont wear a shawl and i dont have a dslr or a blackberry it doesn't mean you're better than me. i'm a very simple person, i go out using simple clothes, i know i dont acessorise like you, i dont wear make up, i dont wear bangles, or earrings. but this does not give you a reason to look down on me. people who are materialistic really need to get their heads down back to earth.. why do you compare these things when they are only gifts given to us by Allah SWT, and like gifts it can be destroyed, it can go missing. why gloat about it when it just a matter of seconds Allah SWT can take it from us. i've always wanted to say this to you, but i cant, because if i do i'm just like you. but if you're reading this and you terasa, sedarlah, perangai awak ni lah yang buat saya block awak dari fb. there have been moments when i couldn't stand you, so i told peypey, i had to get you off my fb but i didn't want you to feel bad, so i just blocked your notifications. eventhough i have no interest in you in my life, i still care about how you feel. 

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