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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

what is life?

this isn't the most attractive picture of me but thats not the point. i just wanted to show you, that i've got a new camera. well, not me, but its for the whole family. since we're going to tokyo in a couple of days, abi thought it wouldn't be the same without a camera. so he bought a new one. and i'm in charge of taking random pictures. thats why he bought two canon cameras. one is the EOS 60D and the other one is the PowerShot G12. so chances are i'm actually gonna enjoy this vacation. dont judge, this is my first real camera, so i'm gonna learn these few days before we fly off.

the thing about modernisation is that it always seem to intervene with the actual meaning of Islam and i'm not just talking about how we dress, its about how we live and how we do a particular task. i have no fear of modernisation and change. to me, modernisation comes with the whole package of being born in this era. and as time grows. people soon find other ways to manipulate the responsibilities as a muslim. do you understand me? k fine :/

let me explain it to you with a very simple explanation and a topic which most people will relate to. fashion and trends.

to me, i'm not a person who follow trends. i find it silly and i have better things to do than trying to be accepted by society. okay i'm running from my topic. lets take simple example as the hijab. i dont particularly know what the hijab looks like because it is never specified in Islam. it can be anything as long as you fulfill the requirements needed. so its not in my power to tell you what to wear and what not to wear and nowadays, there are lots of modernisation to the hijab, and the style is growing. so, if a trend of a hijab does not fulfill the requirements, then you should think twice. when a hijab is above your bosom and it shows the shape and size of your body/bosom then this particular trend is not suitable.

this so called modernisation is seen in every aspect of life. politics. society and lots more. so my final word is. lets not run from the fundamental idea of Islam. lets not escape far from the real Islam, the one that has been around when Muhammad S.A.W was spreading it. the thing about Islam is that, it doesn't need to be developed. why develop something that knows more about the future than you do? Islam was created perfect no matter what religion, time or environment you are in. its so flexible and suits with everything. lets not change this because clearly changes like this makes people think that Islam is complicated. do not look at Islam as something that is hard, Islam is so simple, only we make it complicated.

this explains me so much. to those who knows me in real life, this is why

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