"I am not a word, I am not a line. I am a girl that can never be defined" - Syifaa' and I'm just another messed up kid.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

you need to know this shit! written in anger

facts you really need to know about me.

i dont like a lot of people. i really dont. most of them are people that call me a 'friend'. to me, they are all acquaintances. no offense. but those i really like are really worth to like. yes i'm a big fucking hypocrite. i dont tell you whats wrong with you, mainly because you bitches are too bigmouth and you horn dogs are too dumb. i'm not the type to walk up to you and talk bad to you. you should know that by now. you can see if i hate you or not just by how i talk to you. if i'm alwyas sarcastic to you and talk shit to you that means i hate you. live with it. dont hate me for hating you. i wont be hating you if it wasn't for you. you should hate yourself x.x

i dont like the world and excuse me to say i hate where i live. and i hate the assholes that live here. bear in my mind that the things i type excludes my family. i dont hate the world because i am afraid of what is out there, i hate the world because i'm ashamed of what we've let it become. and you're all fuckers for just sitting there and not doing anything and acting as if everything's ok. WELL IT'S NOT! EVERYTHING IS NOT! ITS ALL A BIG FAT BAG OF HORSE SHIT! I see no reason to make the effort to like the world, when though there may be some good it is overrun and corrupt with bad.

to those shitasses whos trying to figure me out/ know my turn off and turn on, stop. you're just wasting time because i'll never let you in me. i've worked hard to build this wall and this ego and i won't let anybody break it down. you dont know the shit i've been through and the fucked up mess i've experienced, so dont try to understand me! i've been through a phase where I know, I dont need you to comfort me when I'm down. i dont need you to leave me hanging again. DONT EVER TELL ME THAT MY EGO IS TOO BIG! i can never have a big ego. and i'm fucking in love with my ego.
and dont tell me that this post  shows i'm a big dick because, i can write a dickier post. dare me.

i like hard core music. deal with it! it reminds me of the person i'll always love. maybe this is how i'll always be with him.

i love my friends. my real friends, not those bitches i call kenalan.

dont try to approach me, i'll just ignore you :)

i do believe in love. if i told you i love you, i really do. why wont you people appreciate that!

i dont want to be understood, i just want to be left alone

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