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Friday, March 4, 2011


i've known many people that g on vacation. and kudos to those, who don't post everything on FB. i'm not jealous or anything, but if you can state your intentions and reasons why they need to be posted and tagged. 

i was on a cooking spree and i admit i did tag my friends, so they could see what i've cooked and at the same time dwell and the amazingness of my cooking skills. and yes i got many comments. whats your excuse? and no i dont accept for fun. 

humans. we think we're better than others just because of what we own. we get cocky because we think we're better than others. well guess what. you're not. these kind of thinking is what drops you wayy downn. and you may not know this, but maybe people have more luxury than you, and you wouldn't know that because they dont brag about it. have you heard this

a man who steals will never admit of doing it

well, it is true :)

maybe you wanted your friends to check them out or whatever. well, think about it.


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