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Thursday, March 3, 2011

lesson #1

i'm currently downloading the black swan on youtube untuk KC :)

cliche :)

since rumah tak ade air. we went to tadika kawan umi. biasalah tadika mestilah ramai budak kecikk and umi memang kuat interrogate org. here it goes

UMI: mak awak kerja mana?
KID: cikgu
UMI: rumah awak kat mane?
KID: dekat taman makmur.
UMI: taman makmur kat mane?
KID: dekat sebelah taman harmoni.

hahaha. the fact is betapa cliche nama taman kt malaysia. but the fact is its not harmoni or makmur. the shit that happens in wisteria lane in desperate housewives are actually true and guess what we're all fucked up.

one more thing. we went to Kings Hotel for the night. and we had dinner there. and i was wactching TV and I saw Anita Sarawak.  I was asking for the sake of curiosity, is she a muslim? does she wear botox? these questions were lingering in my mind. is she for real? so i started to think. this is somehow referred to ONLY MALAYSIANS. no not malaysians MUSLIMS :) because not all malaysians are muslims and not all muslims are malaysians.

people talk. this is because everyone has their own opinions. this is because everything has its pros and cons. and people are sometimes true. but that doesn't change the fact that some people are just nosy bitches. people do shitty things. and whatever it is people will talk. so  what are our reactions.

mostly this shit

"saya tak kisah apa peminat saya cakap tentang saya. ini hidup saya, its up to me. saya tak faham kenape semua orang kena benci saya. kepada semua orang yang tidak menyukai saya, saya tak boleh nak buat apa-apa. ini diri saya, dan tiada sesiapa yang dapat mengubah saya"

i guess its something like this -____-

this is what an egotistical bitch who has no sense of pride would say. people talk mainly because they want you to know the difference between good and bad. they talk because they care. they want you to know that what you're doing is wrong. instead of facing it like a man, you literally say that its not your fault, as if you're right and what you're doing is right. this is some messed up nasty shit. come on. you're pathetic. this sort of mentality is what is bringing our nation down and depriving us of what we are solemnly worthier for.

and you might say to me "this bitch is swearing like shit and she has the audacity to advice people"

well, this is another thing wrong. advices are meant to be followed, not by the people who says it but whether or not the advice is good. see. and i know my problem, so i would like to apologise.

i guess thats all i had to say, i have new gifs. and i'm bored. so entertain me bitches!

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