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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

you will watch this video. you will learn something from this. you will be inspired. you will learn that we are not just children, our voice will one day change the fabric mentality of the adults. you're a dumbass fuckbag if you don't watch this :)

hello, sorry for the harsh words. it seems as if the only way for you to watch it is by sheer violence :) this girl silenced every adult. she deserves some respect.

i'll continue this post later.

ckp ade air pukul 10PM mlm tadi. tk de pon sampai sekarang. truck air pon tk sampai. hey, we pay taxes too! and yes, we pay the bill every month never missed. cuba buat kerja betol betol. dont be a dumbass! people have life! they have to continue with it! and we're holding everything back because you dickheads cant even get a simple job done! you're not even worthy of being a leader you son of a bitch! i'll shave your fucking mustache! if you cant promise water at a certain time, dont! you're making out lives miserable! you fucking asshole! if you cant do your job right or without sincerity, dont. get a new job! and mister, if you cant help with the repairs, go do something else! quit your job! and all those billboards hanging around with your face on it, tear it down, because i have no respect for you. you son of a bitch!

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