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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sorry kalau terasa okay :)

I'm sick and tired and somehow angry at people who update their facebook status like this

"Mungkin ada hikmahnya jadi mcm ni. Rezeki tmpt lain."

I agree at the fact this is a test from God Himself and I still think that what is destined for us will be for us in His will. But have you ever thought that maybe this was your fault too. You update your status as if you have done nothing wrong. You think you're so pure and chaste and you deserved that 9A more than anyone else in this world. Well people fuck up. Why couldn't your status be like this

"Menyesalnya buat benda mcm tu. Allah dh tunjukkan dekat result"

The difference between these two statements is awareness. The first sentence shows you are unaware of your pasts and your mistakes. The second statement shows that you are aware why you actually achieved that specific result. 

"Realization is the first step towards amendments. "

This is not about your results and i am definitely not the onE to say whether you deserve it or not. But this is to say, that without the realization of ones mistakes how can one change for the better good? If not now then when? The clock is ticking. Our time is up. We cannot just stand and act as if we have done nothing wrong. All the little sin accumulates together to from a big fat ticket for your passage to hell. It sickens me that you act as if this is sheer coincidence. Its not. Its a way of telling you that you fucked up and this was the only way to teach you. Listen to it. Embrace it. Learn from it.

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