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Thursday, March 17, 2011

we're worth more

seeing 'girls' fight over guys. seeing them stab one another for a guy, is pathetic and sad. and it makes me so angry. you're so young. only 13++ you have the whole world in front of you. you have so many goals tu fulfil. dont lower your standards for someone who will cheat on you one day. i'm not in a place to say its not love, but to swear/hurt people for something you aren't even sure of is just so sad. focus on things that are truly worth it. 

malu ke tk? i mean. kecik lagi. belajar pon tk habes. PMR pon belom. bkn nk doakn dia tk berjaya ke ape tapi confirm ke 8A? sejak bila lelaki itu hak awk. dia hak ibu bapa dia laa. dia tk pernah dan tak akan jadi hak awak. awak sape je. dlm masa 5-9 bulan, awak hilang laaa dari ingatan lelaki ini. kata org lain tk ade maruah, awk update status facebook mcm ni. saya rasa awak yang lagi tk ade maruah. awak yang mcm desperate sgt. kecik lagi lah awk ni. focus on your studies. belajar rajin-rajin dulu. jaga mak ayah. bawak diaorg haji, barulaah awak ckp benda mcm ni. i dont mean to be rude, tetapi why do you have to be so bodoh?

look, i dont mean to be rude. but once ago, the women was powerful. the women could change a mans mind. women made history. women are powerful seductive people. Islam put us women, at a high place. a high rank. dont demean yourself to a lower position. pleasseee, i beg you. dont increase the number of women in Hell

find a person you can love. a person you can trust your life and your family with. a person who will be truthful. you could be more than you could ever think of.

may you never steal lie or cheat.

 if you must steal, steal all of 

my sorrows. if you must lie, lie 

with me in all the nights. and if

 you must cheat, cheat death.

I'm gonna answer an anon question about where i've been in the world. tomorrow ♥

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Dayana AZ said...

haaa! when syifaa' gets annoyed hik3..
tp bt0l , ta perlu nk update status cmtu pun -_-'

calm your tits bruh Calm your tits bruh Calm your tits bruh