"I am not a word, I am not a line. I am a girl that can never be defined" - Syifaa' and I'm just another messed up kid.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the truth hurts, so suck it bruh

Imagine living in a place where everything was fixed. A place where there is no such thing as love, family, freedom and identity. After reading a few chapters of Anthem, i was more determined to finish the book. A philosophy book is not meant for a 17 year old girl. Imagine growing up in a place, isolated from other people. Where your occupation in the future was chosen for you by a council. Where writing what you  see is a transgression. Where falling in love leads you to be burned to death. Imagine, when you're seventeen, you're sent to a place where you are fixed with someone, someone to have a bay with then you go your separate ways. Imagine your baby taken from you right after birth and never to be seen again. Imagine a place where being different meant being evil.

We may not see the future but it harms us not to predict it. We live in a place where we are controlled, not mostly but we are indeed controlled. It starts off small. The smallest things in our life are controlled and in due time our whole life will be controlled. Some may deny, so may ignore and some may give up. But to ignore and not realise what the world is becoming to is the most humane things, one could ever do. To forget as if the world is alright is fucked up. To live as if nothing is wrong is not living. They say to live is to love. How can we live when our country is tearing us apart. There is no love. Therefore, there is no life. We are all dead. Standing in a line that reaches no where. Living each day without a soul. A wondering soul looking for anything worth to life. I am no traitor. I am no liar. I live to the facts. I face the damn truth everyday. I am more than my age. I am more than how I look. I am a women. Independent. Fighting for what is truly ours. If its a transgression to stand up and fight for our freedom, then i am ready to fight.

Excuse me for my lack of positiveness in this world. Everyday chances are given and we throw them away like its nothing. This melancholic taste in my mouth will forever be permanent to remind me how fucked up the world is. How YOU are merely puppets in this place you call paradise, i call hell.

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