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Sunday, March 13, 2011

we were all born as survivors

12:08 AM
Traders Hotel Room 1406 :)

thats a middle finger. AY BABY!

FIRSTLY, thank you anem, for that post! i'm flattered and happy :D

i was actually gonna update my blog regarding teenagers and their love towards love, see what i did there. ngahahaah! but then i remembered an incident and i realised something

"what we do does not define who we are, but how well we rise once fallen"

i too was once stuck in the dark ages. i too had some repenting to do. i too had some flaws to correct. i too made several mistakes. i am human, therefore i am bound to do mistakes, but yet i will not judge people based on what they have done. i will not leave a fellow brother that is stuck in mud. i will not let my race down, for i was born a survivor.

what we've did in the past does not define us. because we're given time to change, to deicide on how we will be in the near future. a thief may change into a person who does not steal. a liar can change to a person who only speaks the truth. as a muslim, we must not leave our brothers and sisters alone and judge them, because we were given a responsibility. we were all born to be a khalifah. therefore, when you see a brother/sister down in the earth, hand him/her your hand and lead him/her to the path that is right. teach him/her the difference between right and wrong. show to him/her, that repentance is always acceptable for those who are sincere. to those who chose to abandon a fellow brother and sister, thou shall be asked during the Judgement Day. We are all khalifah, bound to lead our religion to a safer place. i am not talking about my mistakes alone, but for those who has comitted a sin and have been judge by it. 

this person shall not be named ;

i know this girl, beautiful. yes, with beauty there will always be envious people :/ to me, she was just misunderstood. what she did. how she acted. who she befriended. its sad to see such a beauty go to waste. where we went to school, every secret that you tell a friend, the whole school, will know. i've heard rumours about her. i admit even i started to not like her but underneath all that maybe i just pitied her. she is a girl with many talents and i had a conversation with her the other day, and its sad how a friend that was so close to her, decided to leaver her like that hanging, when she did something wrong. for once, i felt as if i knew how she felt. trying to talk to someone who does not want to talk to you. i pushed aside any difference we had and actually talked to her like a human being. and then i thought, 

"that was high school. everybody gets fucked up in high school."

dear you, if you think i'm referring to you, know that, i'll never judge you, because we are only mere mortals. i wish you all the best, and keep your head up high.

for the bad things i've done, i'm sorry. for the feelings i've hurt, i apologise. the way you treated me after what i did, i look at it as a way for me to recover and learn from my mistakes. never once have i ever disrespect you, because you did what you thought was right. thank you.

bila tulis post ni teringat

Putri Natalie, Nabilah Athirah, Afiqah Najwa, Nor Syahmina, Pipa, Nurfatin Zulkipli, Aqilah Hasanah, Nor Suhana and Pani :)

we lived together for two years. we fought over the littlest things. we shared food. we shared secrets. we shared tears. we shared fears. we shared memories. we were like sisters. you've helped me through so much. you've understood me more than anybody else did. you wiped my tears and made me laugh. you gave me a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on. you gave me a place to share my secrets. you told me to never give up when i was at my weakest moment. through that period of time, when all i could do was cry, you were all there to help me. during that night, when i felt like this is the end, you gave me advice. i'm sorry for all the things i've done. when i cry you didn't cry you smiled and told me everything is going to be fine. i can not thank you enough for what you've done for me. i can not repay all the shit you put up with. a bond we shared, will never be broken for i know, we are what you call true friends. dear friend, i wish you all the prosperity, happiness in life. i wish you grow up being what you've always dreamt of being. i wish you find happiness everywhere you go. i wish Allah SWT has His eye on you and protects you where ever you go. i'm brave enough to say, i love you with every single beat of my heart.


Khairul D' Zaman said...

ok first of all since you are the only person that was so rajin to post some ,well ingenious comment at my blog, so its with duly respect that i should repaid that. judging by the way you told us about this FRIEND of you, in conclusion i found out that (okay i will simplify my hypothesis) WTH, in life if its always beautiful, where's the hunger and excitement for the challenge? like i always said, life's a challenge, so take it right? haha. NVM lil sis, but i think you are a good friend, since u said '' dear you, i never judge you because we are mortals '' YES thats the word that if i am the Head Of Education Ministry i will for sure made that an important subject , so that everybody will know that only God yes ALLAH SWT can judge people. so, dont be bother by the gossip that you heard, cause someday you will also be the subject of gossiping right?

p/s : aku tabik kau pasal berani tulis english even grammar mistake tu tak boleh dikira dahh :) . go girl !

Syifaa H. said...

i may have mistakes with my past tense using was and were, but my english is perfect. yours is th eone that needs fixing. seriously.

Nurfarihanim said...

the last paragraph, it's really touched me =')

Natalie Natar said...

my name n my pic..haha..malu seyh..
haha..bkn memula topic ko psl love ke wey??apsal melencong ke tmpt len ha??
haha..tp.tp.sgt2 nice.haha..aku takde blog so ta boleh bercerita mcm ney.
so hope ko phm yg aku sememangnya ske n sayang kamu juga..haha..
n n n lupakn je tentang kisah silam itu..jgn disebut..t hanya menyakitkan je jiwa..so teruskan je hidup tanpa dibayangi kisah lalu okeyh..haha..
tengok aku da bebel byk da ney..ko la ney punya pasal.haha..

Syifaa H. said...

hihii! syg peey!

Anonymous said...

SAYANG CIPAKKK :D -atindora-

calm your tits bruh Calm your tits bruh Calm your tits bruh