"I am not a word, I am not a line. I am a girl that can never be defined" - Syifaa' and I'm just another messed up kid.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1 2 3 manage me, i'm a mess

so we've sent tasnim to egypt already.

i saw this video about n'tima and steven. they made me cry. that moment, that smile. that made me A LITTLE emotional and brittany and ryan were tinychat and all. and i was like, bye i'm off tumblr.

so this actually got me filled with emotions today.

it actually started last night:

i love airports. i really do. it somehow gives me a sense of belonging. it reminded me of you. i didn't fall for douche. i fell for a great guy, but things just dont work out. maybe because deep down in your heart, you knew it was never real never meant to be. it was all, bullshit from the start. the basic mentality of the human mind is crippled and pointless, thats why we're all screw ups. we're all screw up one way or another. we're standing here pretending as if everything is alright. we live each day acting as if there are any purpose. we're continuing our pathetic lives as if the environment around us is alright and perfect. guess not my lovely little creatures, its not. and it will never be. our race is messed up and fucked up. forgive me for not sugar coating this. forgive me for not being perky and happy all the time. forgive me for not being that normal seventeen year old. forgive me for being a pessimist. its better than living without a conscience.

if i could marry someone, i'd marry spongebob squarepants. i'd have the most amazing marriage ever and we'd never fight or get a divorce. i'll love him forever.

 but it didn't change the fact i was still misunderstood and i often rebelled. 

you wouldn't know me. you wouldn't know my past. you will not understand me.


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