"I am not a word, I am not a line. I am a girl that can never be defined" - Syifaa' and I'm just another messed up kid.

Monday, March 7, 2011


i was thinking about moving to wordpress.
i'm thinking of dying
i'm thinking of beating the crap out of someone
i'm sick and tired of people trying to define love
i'm sick of people with pink backgrounds or cupcakes or candies and all that shit
i have an addiction to tattos, pink/blue/turqouise or any bright coloured hair
i have the urge to pierce my ears and stretch it
i hate people who put princess or lady or that sort of shit on their facebook or myspace or that shit
i wanna go to soundwave, idgaf must be a concert. hard-core where got mosh and all that shit
i dont want to live laugh and love
i want a guy friend that has a body filled with tattoos and piercings has an accent and likes concerts and will beat up boys that hurts me and looks at me as a little sister adn love me because of my fucked up personality
i wanna do a headbang
i wan every memeber of the ADTR band to hug me and take pictures with me
i wanna own a candy store
i wanna wear make up. like extreme make up and not like how malaysians use it.t ehy look shit with make up.
i want to meet adam cadieux
i dont want no fairytale. i want reality to be kind
i want the world to just realise and face the facts

i want you to know

well, some of you might want a unicorn or an iPad or love, i want something that cant ever leave me. that can make me face reality without me being utterly afraid or heartbroken. yes, i admit i've entirely changed thses past few years, but shitfaces, who doesnt? i was born this way!

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