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Friday, March 25, 2011

100 Facts About Me

this idea was from twitter. husna, aisyah, amir, ella and farah was doing it, so i decided to do it here.

1) when i was small my mum lied to me. she said she found me in the garbage. so my sisters called me "anak tong sampah"

2) i used to be scared of windows. i was scared something might creep inside through the window.

3) i used to collect plush toys keychains and i wore it to school. everyone called my bag "bag zoo" this was when i was 13-16 years old. 

4) i like to collect nice things that brings me memories, even a tissue or a piece of paper :)

5) i like the snow and the rain. it gives me feeling of security.

6) i've been to Jordan, Zimbabwe, Johannesburg, Drakkensburg, Cape Town, Mecca, Medinah, Qatar, Jordan, London, Paris, Australia, Jakarta and Bandung and Egypt.

7) I love airports.

8) I like the idea of going out in the middle of the night to eat ice-cream or fast food

9) I had a crush on Naasir Hoosen, he had blond hair and green eyes and he plays cricket and soccer.

10) I punched a school bully because she made fun of umi's cooking and i threw my lunch at her face and I ran. LMAO! Grade 3!

11) I used to be on the track team. I always got 2nd place.

12) My mum used to tie my hair like a coconut tree. I miss that.

13) When I was small and just got back from the mall and its late, I pretend to sleep so dad could carry me to bed. Then he'd arrange the pillow so weridly yet i'd sleep like a baby.

14) I'm different from all my sisters yet we do have one thing in common. all of us are very defensive.

15) I hate it when someone copies what I wear. I dont want to be a trend setter. It sucks.

16) I have the greatest respect for my dad.

17) My grandpa was my bestfriend. I miss him. :'(

18) I wish unicorns did exist and we all had one.

19) I took Arts&Crafts class when I was 7 and we made this glass bottle filled with coloured salt in variety of arrangements, and when no one was looking, I ate the salt.

20) If I could save one thing in the world, I'd save my happiness

21) I dont like hot drinks.

22) I've rode on elephants, donkeys, horses, camels and ostriches.

23) I prefer going to a place where its beautiful and filled with history rather than a place where shopping is the only/main daily routine.

24) I like all veggies. 

25) I like to try new things. One day i tried sea cucumber and it was gooey.

26) I love sushi and anything soup-based.

27) I hate it when people take pictures at airports and restaurants. 

28) I hate looking at girls who are well dressed from head to toe hold a boys hands.

29) I prefer shabby masculine guys than metrosexual sissie boys.

30) I'd rather buy perfumes and bags rather than shoes.

31) I want to meet mike fuentes, tony perry and oliver sykes.

31) I dont want my children to grow up in Malaysia. No offence.

32) I wish money didn't exist. Then, there will be no fighting. Everybody can go to the store and grab something and just go. Fun right?

33) I like reading encyclopedia.

34) I like to watch Animal Planet and Food Network.

35) My favourite chef is Bobby Flay

36) I think google is the most amazing invention mankind invented.

37) i like looking at people with tattoos. especially those at the neck and arm, like Oliver Sykes!

38) I like all types of movies

39) The actress I like is Nicole Kidman and actor Johnny Depp!

40) I've seen all the movies made by Tim Burton!

41) I like the night time and after 2AM

42) I've always dreamt of holding hands with someone I love while walking in a snowy winter park :3 bite me, i'm corny!

43) I like funny people.

44) I'm afraid of heights. 

45) I think Ferb is a cool dude.

46) I used to love Barney! There was Barney The Movie!

47) I've changed glasses 9 times ever since 2005.

48) I like Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel.

49) I've seen all Fast&Furious movies.

50) I hate guys who have "kaka angkat". Makes them look like a big pussie faggot.

51) I like the word faggot!

52) I have thick eyebrows. It comes from abi's side.

53) I tend to forget people that I've known from the past. I just dont talk to them. Its annoying talking to people from your past,

54) If I see people from my school, I'd probably ignore them. 

55) I wanna go study in Australia. Then I can go to Soundwave


57) I wish to own a candystore :P

58) I rarely get pimples.

59)I had a secret crush on this cross-eyed dude. LMAO!

60) I still think personality is the first criteria in choosing someone to love. Next comes personality.

61) I hate hotel weddings. Bitch, I'm Malay, I want my wedding to be at my kampung. Go to hell hotel weddings. 

62) My dad can afford anything I ask, he chooses not to give me them, and thats why I love my dad.

63) When everyone is telling me to try harder and this is not the end, my mum says "ini balasan Allah kau ade buat dosa." Although, its sad, its true. thats why i love my mum.

64) I dont like to flirt neither do I like being seduced.

65) I hate it when guys protect me, like I need to be protected! I'm a strong bitch you asswipes!

66) I wanna be known for my intellect, intelligence, cunning, sly, independent and strong personality.

67) I have a huge ego and I'm not afraid to admit it.

68) I dont like to wear baju kurung or baju kebaya. I prefer jubah.

69) I like trains. 

70)  My favourite book is Anthem by Ayn Rand. I usually quote her.

71) I like beautiful pictures.

72) I think a good photographer can take quality photos with any type of camera he/she has. Those who cant are just posers.  YEAH I SAID IT!

73) I hate getting teddybears and necklaces as gifts. If I do wear the necklace and take the teddybear to sleep, that means I love you to death.

74) The gift I got for getting 8As in PMR is a trip to London. sdfghjkl  :S

75) I wanna go to Greece and fall in love.

76) I want to be the first date to be in a library. 

77) I wanna own a Vespa or a Yellow Beetle.

78) I want to learn how to shoot accurately!

79) I wanna save animals, one day!

80) I like the circus and fun fairs. Aunty Aneesah form Durban used to bring us there when we were little.

81) I used to be scared of roller-coasters and my sister were soooooo brave. Now I'm the only one who dares to ride it more than once.

82) I want a person to draw me as a cartoon!

83) I wanna wear a dress like those in Victorian Times!

84) I wanna go to a masquerade ball where I'll be wearing a mask, elegant yet mysterious!

85) I dont dance. I dont know how. I dont want to know how.

86) I'm amazed at the fact that most chefs I admire are men :)

87) I wanna ride a limo. or a hummer

88) I wanna live in a town on The Great Ocean Adventure in Australia. I'd eat fish and chips everyday!

89) I'm a big fat hypocrite and I'm so fucking good at it!

90) I never had respect for the authorities. Never did never will. I even hated prefects :)

91) Men cannot be leaders. Because we all make mistakes. Only men with honour can. Because they make mistakes and still win :)

92) I come up with my won saying sometimes.

93) I'm still in love with my previous boyfriends.

94) I'm glad i didn't grow up in a city in Malaysia. LOOOL! Those people are so messed up, it makes me laugh at how dumb they are. see, i laugh at people like them. They should write on their foreheads "pathetic"

95) I'm always gonna be the girl who everyone remembers. Because when I leave a certain place, I always leave a memory :3

96) My favourite teacher in the whole world is Mrs. Fox. She teaches me speech and drama.

97) I lie very much. I lie and I lie. Just to make people happy. I'm a big fat liar :)

98) I like philosophy and I like to write.

99) I'm too sophisticated to be Malay or seventeen :)

100) I really do hate people easily. Boo you.

There you go :)

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