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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the things we do out of love.

i was trolling on tumblr. and i came upon this girls blog

okay, glad you clicked it. the link automatically linked to her tumblr at her pictures. if you do notice, there is this one photo where she is bald.  i was curious so i asked her. and she answered like this.

so i started doing an interview with her. i actually felt sad for her yet surprisingly amazed by her. si we started talking about her love life and all that crap. and i was dumbfounded by her. an amazing person with a sincere heart. i wish i was like her.

the things we do out of love. love for our mother, father, brothers, sisters, family, friends and all of that. as a student, i love my mum and dad so much. every penny they had, they invested it in my studies. they made sure i was happy and did not have any trouble at school. everytime i cried at school, they were very concerned because they didn't want me to lose sight of my purpose. they didn't want me to forget the reason i was sent there. they bought me everything i asked for just to make sure i kept my head up high and continue striving for what is important in life. umi, abi, you may not know this. but i love you so very much. despite all the arguments we had there's not a time when i never stopped thinking about you. because you taught me well. i'd exchange my happiness just to see you smile. only now do i understand the reason of your actions, and i'm glad you are my parents :)

girls, we fight with each other for a guy. a guy you, yourself aren't sure the stability of their love for you. you say rude words to one another. you disgrace one another. guys, you beat the shit out of your friend, for a girl, you just met. you would kill one another just for your own satisfaction and your undying lust for a girl.

its a disgrace seeing the person we fight for the most is not the person who has sacrificed anything in his/her life. in just a few seconds that person you thought meant the world to you, could stand up and walk out of your life for ever. in just a few minutes, that person can make your heart bleed and stab it with thousands of knives. in just a few hours that person could be the reason for your suicide attempt. when all this shit is prepared on your plate, you run to the person who has always been there for you. the person who knew you from when you were just 1 day old. the person who you tortured when you were just a toddler. what if, nauzubillah himinzalik, when you needed them the most, in just a blink of an eye, they're gone and you did nothing to repay them. sad isn't it. all i have to say to you is



hahaha........kumisnya kurang tebal dan kurang banyak, biar keliatan lebih cantik

Anonymous said...

Habeslah kau syifaa, Kau dah ade peminat endon skrg ! Hahaha xD -atindora-

Syifaa H. said...

hahaha, seboklahhh atin ni!

calm your tits bruh Calm your tits bruh Calm your tits bruh