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Friday, February 18, 2011

lets walk the memory lane

hello :)

kalau korg kate korg tk penah tengok cite mcm ni, tipu nk mampos!

HAHHH! for me, i've watched each and every series shown above. so we're all Disney Kids :)

What happened to kids who were means to be kids :) When I was little i only played in playground and masak masak. but kids nowaday main PSP, XBOX, Wii and other shit. and as we grow up we turn up someone we never thought of. hey, when i was a child i wanted to be like Britney Spears. Hell yeah, she's awesome and I practically grew up with her. Now, i'm definitely not like her. i grew up liking Linkin Park, ADTR, All Time Low and all the shits. some grow up talking about boys and starting high school fight merebut boyfriend. some grow up to be total sinners. so we dont grow up to be the people we expect to be. thats a real turn-off for me. i wanted to be a vet when i grew up, i wanted to help animals everywhere around the world. but now, its not that i hate animals, i just hate learning about biology. damn it, its like my 5 year old from the previous lifetime will totally hang me from the ceiling right now. 

i grew up liking this, haisshhh -_____-"

so my proposition, i totally think the earth should be ruled by children because they're very innocent and dont know shit about wars and fights. we'll live in a land filled with candy, unicorns and TV all day long! JEYAHHHHH \m/

so anyone who reads the shits that I post, what was your favourite show when you were little? I'd love to know!


nurfariha aliah said...

dulu kita tgk lizzie mcguire, zoey 101, that's so raven and the proud family. best kowt. ahahah teringt zaman kecik2 dulu ekk. tp nowadays the world is different. most children dah ada BB or ipod and masa diaorang dihabiskan dgn internet je. masa kita dulu2 mana ada. we spent our childhood with watching cartoons and played masak2, barbie dolls and so on. really merugikan children masa kini. haha.

Syifaa H. said...

kn AL? wahh rindu AL!

nurfariha aliah said...

kamu jugaaaa!

calm your tits bruh Calm your tits bruh Calm your tits bruh