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Sunday, February 20, 2011

i still hate bieber


wanna see something?

ok you must be wondering. wth is all of this. well i asked my followers on Tumblr to say something about me. and walaaahhh! its kinda nice hahh :/

i went out tdy :) and yeh, i still got it. ay babaay! so we went out, and i had my glasses done. and got a super long lecture from this dude. oh well, thank you though mister. so i had ic berlin glasses made. i'm getting it this thurs/wed

oh well, its kinda late 2:11 AM and i have to go out tomorrow. and i'm making carrot cake after subuh. toodleloo babybess

oh yeh,, pudu, dh letak pause button da! happy?

one more thing to tickle all your internal organs.

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