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Monday, February 21, 2011

i adore dragqueens

letss tart this post with a basic gif, jyeah :)

so, i've decided to clean up my blog. tau tk nmpk mcm taik bersepah. sini sana situ everywhere. boleh mati. hhaiiishh. but i think i'll do it tomorrow. i'm too tired now. ohhh so mellow.

i was going to change my profile and the whole other crap on my blog, but the mood is so mellow and i'm like super tired. and ohhh... i'm just gonna stop myself from spreading this disease. i so have a problem right now. and i have to fix my life. this week is gonna be stressful.

but i do have some good news, abi went to London. well actually thats the bad news -___- ok, then we found out that apple products are a little bit cheaper than in malaysia. and he's coming back on the 27th. thats a day before SPM results comes out. so yes, i will be going to school without a hp. it sucks for a person my age.

so the deal was anything i want if i get 9A. godd, i hope i do. and there's a rumour going around that there is a iPhone 5, so sorry iPhone 4 users! so abi said, doesnt matter he's back on the 27th. he'll get his frineds to order an iPhone 5 for him. if it is coming out. well it doesnt matter. iPhone 4 pon ok. but then i was thinking of android. but thats business people :)

anyway, once my results comes out, then only can i get a phone. sheeesh. come to think of it, i really dont  care just as long as i get a phone! I'M 17!!!!

bye, no normal ending today. too tired

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