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Friday, February 18, 2011


HELLO, please sign this petition. if you have any decency and any heart as a human being. these animals are being tortured which makes me even more pissd off at those son of a bitch called human. fuck you, bitch. i'm not trying to be racist or whatever but they torture so many animals. please allow me to shed some light on this topic. and tell me if you find this a tad bit weird.

Chinese/Vietnamese  and sekutu dengannya goes to seaworld and other places that shows every type of fish and other living creatures from down under, but they lavish these type of animals without a single bit of sympathy. THEY EAT EVERYTHING DOWN THERE! DONT BOTHER GOING TO SEAWORLD, DUMBASS! YOU JUST PISS ME OFF!

attention: i do research before writing this :)

i've watchd this documentary on animal planet about Chinese people torturing bears. well, its called milking. but instead of milk they take the bile which are used as traditional medicines. they are confined in small cages. when i watchd how they extract these bile, the bears seriously moan and they actually chew their paws because i HURTS SO DAMN MUCH! They also use a hollow yellow stick and push it through the bear's 

have you ever wondered why they always protected their panda but torture other bears? This is because useful bear bile is produced from 7 out of 8 bear species. All except the giant panda are ursine.

this footage what actually taken secretly because the chinese did not allow cameras to where they were taking him. bears were confined in a small cage which  barely had space for them to move. anddd these bear biles were illegally sold. andd if tourist were to take them out of the country, they would be breaking the law. 

maybe this can educate you more.

k another crisis, snake wine. snake wine is a beverage produced by infusing whole snakes in rice wine or grain alcohol. the drink was first recorded to have been consumed in CHINA and considered an important curative and believed to reinvigorate a person according to the traditional chinease medicine. it can be found in CHINA, VIETNAM and throughout SOUTHEAST ASIA. you crazy disgusting son of a bitch. godd, i wishd the american government declared war with you. and i'd love to see you burn to ashes. though that will affect malaysia too, so stuff that :)

ok guys, do you even know whats happening right now around the world? you realise that animals are tortured, poached, and savagely killed for little things like leather, fur, horns,  and trunks just to please OUR selfish needs. yes i'm saying OUR because despite being different races and cultures WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS! and us not doing anything about it makes us even more heartless than them. you are updated with fashion/ technology/ artist but what about the calamities our world is facing. if we do nothing about this, they WILL wind up dying in front of our eyes. animals, are just misunderstood creatures. they tend to kill or attack people in an act of self defense. you cannot blame them mainly because they have no sense of judgements nor can they think. all they know is how to protect themselves and how to live. but we are HUMANS! we are born with minds and a heart yet we act like animals. we can actually differentiate  between the good and the bad  but why are we putting this into good use. this earth is not forever. everything dies. why wot we appreciate what we have. 

and just because this is not happening in out country, this does not mean we turn our backs on this issue. what if it did, wont you need help/support from everybody to demolish this problem. come on people. get your head out of the clouds. stop fantasizing in your life and start to care about things around you. stop being arrogant selfish snobbish. help those who are in need. fight for what is right. 

maybe by signing this petition you can really play your part in this problem, please i'm begging you.

i grew up watching jane goodall, and watching documentaries about animal cruelty and i've always wanted to help out one way or another. if i had money and everything in this world, i will end this! its sad that only a few people is helping out. yes, i too have no power, but the smallest things you do may mean a lot to another.

END :)

seriously, fuck TV. there's really nothing to watch. so i started watching animal planet, AFC, LI, History and more. so i learnt a lot during this holidays. but then, when do we ever stop learning.

and so i saw this clip on Alt_Hitz, and its wayy coool. they actually play music just by using their iPhones. a dude played the drum, the other a guitar and the other a bass and theo other dude was using a mic. its fking cool. check this video out. and jyeah, they totally rocked it.

oh well, bye then. hope you've learnt something :)

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