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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


i do have a lot to say. but i dont think i have much time. tee hee

the topic i'm going to discuss today is

A Malaysian Wedding With Chef Wan

I was actually turned on by the food. yumm it must be delicious. I was pissd off at the groom and also the audacity of the bride. I mean. it really pissed me off on how some people lack f culture and too proned to be somebody else. it really pisses me off about serena. heckk i dont even know who she is but to be daring in that way, i felt like pummeling her head and banging her head like headbangers. godddd. the audacity of that women!

her wedding was granddd. but when i saw her husband, a few questions raced into my head

I'm not a pessimist nor do I despise non-muslims. Its just a thought. Food for thought. I have no say in this whatsoever because i'm just a typical blogger and the wedding is done. 

how is she going to live with her husband. 
this is because when you get married, you dont just marry your spouse. you marry their family. how can she adapt to that sort of surrounding? I have nothing against combination of cultural marriage, but it depends on what culture we are marrying. Arabs, or Muslims, or any tribe/culture that has Islam in their background. Yes, the pros and cons are here. Pros, she spreads Islam to another human being. Alhamdulillah. Berkembang agama kita. the downside of this is what happens if the marriage fails? Will he continue in being a Muslim or continue with his lifestyle thats full of booze, sex and maybe drugs? How will he know the ways of being a Muslim? Will Serena teach him. I doubt that. If she cant keep her body in clothes thats Islam approves, then how can he prevent anything going wrong with her husband? Has she thought of how her children may end up? Believe it or not, when you marry a person who's not Islamic, you'd also have to respect their cultural holidays such as Christmas, Easter Day, Hanukkah and more. Her child will be stuck between to sides whom care dearly for him/her. Lets take an example Christmas. Lets not dwell on just her children. How can she, her husband, and her child celebrate that when its obviously clear that we are forbid to do this. Wouldn't the husband allow this sort of celebration mainly because it his family and they should respect that.

Dalam Islam, bila seorang lelaki dn perempuan bersama, syaitan akn sedaya upaya untuk menarik mereka. Sedangkan apabila seorang lelaki dan perempuan sudah berkahwin, syaitan akan memisahkn mereka. Walaupun perceraian itu dibenarkn dlm Islam, Allah (SWT) dan Nabi Muhammad (SAW) tidak menyukainya.

Another food for thought.

is it love or just pure lust?
this is the ultimate question that has been haunting me. Is it love or just pure lust? How can we know? We dont, actually, but I know there's a little voice in your mind that can help you decide. so i won't elaborate on this subtopic. i'll just let you think for yourself :)

the wedding itself
the wedding was WOW. but what i couldn't understand. why was there so many dresses? and how come there's a fucking bellydancer!? i was really pissed off by this. i mean bellydancers!! i know you need entertainment, but find another fucking entertainment. one that does not involve the jelly like movement of the body. no matter what cultural background or how mixed you are, you're still a malaysian, and bellydancing totally clashes with the definition of "malaysian" oh goodddd. you get married the islamic way, you get married in a mosque, you have adat merisik, meminang and so on. these are malay cultures. why cant you respect malay cultures. BELLYDANCING AND DANCING LIKE FRICKIN WHORE IS NOT A FUCKING MALAY CULTURE, DAMNIT! I found the entire wedding to be like this...

and if you want to SHOW you're multi cultured, so it in ways that would please everybody and no one gets offended. BTW, the middle east are NOT FAMOUS for bellydancers. whatt. your ancestors were aladdin? and if you thought that the bellydancers were symbolic fo middle east, that just shows how NARROW MINDED AND DUMB YOU ARE!

ok :) thats all i had to say. i swear i had so much more in mind last night. teeehee. if i remembered anything, i'll surely update this entry. OHH GODD, i swore. i had more topic figured out last night. shit hole.


i may swear a lot and you may think how dumb I am about my own religion, but I'd rather you think about that. i'm not exaggerating, nor am i actually an ulama. but i know about my religion and i reas to improve my knowledge about the history of  my religion. i may be a dumbass back then, but i never dwell on the past. i know more about my religion than your moms. i know what can make me a better person. i know myself better than anyone out there. i maybe 17 years old, but looking at people older than me and lacking of islamic knowledge, i know i'm better than them. because when you're a muslim, you dont choose what Islam teaches you. you dont choose to pray the 5 daily salaat, and you go out, not covering your body. you dont choose parts of Islam that suits you. you take the whole things and i think if you do a good deed the best things is to sit and keep quiet :)

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