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Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm insane. Well all the brilliant people are.

Here's to the kids who depend on music to escape reality. Here's to the kids who choose music rather than popularity. Here's to the kids who went through like without nothing more than their own soul. Here's to the kids who has been alone their whole. Here's to the kids who is misunderstood and tired of being the blame.

You know what movies dont tell you? Life. They clearly pointed the good things that happen in life. Or maybe perhaps a bad thing that eventually results in a happy ending. They don't tell you how bad things can happen all the time and it doesn't change. It stays bad. The chances of a good thing happening is 30%. How it sucks having to face people who brings you down everyday and makes you feel worthless and useless and not knowing how to escape that. They say 'Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay then it's not the end' Well they lie. If the end refers to being dead yeah then that would be okay. But it would be too late. Don't you think?

The ironic thing is people can tell you they understand you and they want to help you, but how can they help you if they don't know what to help. It's so very easy to give advice when you don't know the shit they've been through. And sometimes people just wanna talk about their problem, they don't need a solution. Everyone has a story to tell but some people choose to not tell. Some people is just trying to find a way in this darkness and maybe some just don't need help. Stop thinking you can fix everyone, you can't. The truth is, people are different and you can't treat the whole humanity.

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