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Saturday, February 12, 2011


hello, its theeee..............

okok, no more gif. :D

ehh last one! serious! i had to! its kid cudi for gods sake!

ok business time. we're all teenagers right. i hope so. well, in a way parents makes us angry, right? "biasalah, anak muda berdarah panas" so what do we do? 

mostly i do this

smile move on and do nothing, is the best revenge. 



in a way we get mad at our parents for not giving us the chance, or for not letting us breath. anddd we want to get back at them but either way, they're our parents. we must still respect them. no matter how angry you are no matter what tricks they pulll on you, respect is the solid base that you have to keep to ensure that you strengthen yourself :D so when i'm mad i always do this

first i make sure things about me that tick them. my umi doesnt like me reading novels. and my dad hates it when i listen to my iPod. so i sit somewhere where EVERYONE can see me. like in the living room or what ever and i do both of these things. in a ways you're satisfied because you've successfully made them angry and they know how you feel. see its very easy and both sides wins :D

soo everyone out there, answer this :D

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