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Monday, February 14, 2011


this is not a tribute to valentine's day. this is super cool.

and no this is not an entry about valentines day :) nor is it about a sucky relationship or whatever. its really about random shitsxzs

i'm gonna go here someday. not with my parents, but with someone i love. and i'm so gonna rock Paris :D orr i'm gonna go with friends and fall in love. MUAHAHAHAHA!

ok. i said i wasnt gonna post about sucky relationship, but I just did. bullshit sia aku.

owl city enchanted

this is fking cool. and look at those hair, people!ok, grammy's update

WHO THE HELL IS ESPERANZA SPALDING! seriously, i hate justin bieber, but why didnt he win the Best New Artist? I mean Drake or Justin Bieber is wayyy better than this weirdo whom no one knows about! Eminem didn't win Album Of The Year!!! Well, i like Lady Gaga, but Eminem is muchhhhh moreee BETTERRRR!

ughhhh! and paramore did not winn anything!

Album Of The Year : Lady Gaga The Fame Monster
Song of The Year : Lady Antebellum (Need You Now)

tu je kot yang aku tau. hihihih :/

hello, i'm very bored and i have nothing to post. i'm not going to post about my life before this. or what school i've been to or about my friends. unless, i really LOVE them! LOL. i'm mean. ok since, i just saw people updated blogs, i'm gonna read them after this. teeeheee. and whatever bitch or butch i've been in another lifetime, i'm not gonna tell everyone about it :)

ok dah baca, tapi mcm kecik cenonet jeee update ny. -___-"

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