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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

mona lisa smile

i was watching a very brilliant video on youtube and chatting with friends from school about the zionist and the jew and everything until my sister said she wanted the laptop, so I had to shut down and use this other lappy. which made me very lazy to open another youtube window. so i opened blogspot instead (see how much i love blogspot) and I decided to type this. oh myyy -___- bupelnyaaa! hahah, soo, azam esok!

bukak youtube and learn all about the zionist and other interesting facts about our religion. i have to learn more to debate about this topic. so i dont have the wrong information

the more i think about it the more i miss you. i think you deserve your happiness. did i really change you? i'm glad you're happier, maybe its better this way. though i cant seem to stop making you the topic of my dreams every night. maybe i just wish we had more in time. you seem to make my mona lisa smile disappear. wherever you are, be happy and never stop playing :) i'll never stop singing. i miss you. i really do. 

Baby, please dont go 

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