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Sunday, January 30, 2011


hokehhhh :D zaman sekolah saya sangat nakallll :D

tonight there's Alice In Wonderland or 9. Pffft -_____- all mcm boring je. ehh, i really like the song grenade by bruno mars. you know when i liked a singer i'd search his/her album and download all of it 4shared. isnt that illegal or something? 

ahahhaha. you know the crisis in egypt? my sissie said, of course there's a riot going around but its the givernment againts the people. not people against people. so if anyone has relatives in egypt its perfectly fine there. yess, there are some prisoners running loose, but its not that baad, just chillax. 

being in a relationship really has its borders. i mean haritu aku berckp ngn amirul, and we talked so long and we had so much fun. and then i realised, bila kapel, ade bnyk batas, kena jaga hati org tu, tk boleh kasar sgt. but when we're friends everything goes. every shit you wanna say, shit it out. its perfectly cool and fun. there are no boundaries because in a relationship having its secrets makes things more thrilling. so conclusionny? tk payah kapel, kawan lagi best and lagi fun. KOOOOT :D hahaha, this is all from my perspectives, so korg tk nk dengar up to you laaa. not everything i say is true. 

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