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Sunday, November 13, 2011


It was our last day of semester one. So we thought we might razzle dazzle it up a bit. All of us wore pink. I swear next semester i'm back to normal tudung and three pins down.

Oh yeah i wanted to write a post about sincerity. In Islam, before each action there must be an act of sincerity. Here it means a sincere intention. To do this action because of Allah SWT.

This is regarding people updating Facebook status or Twitter status with things such as "Nak baca Quran" or "Nak sedekah" or "Nak sembahyang ni". To those who wish to insert a little repentance and awareness among your friends/ followers etc. , Alhamdulillah. But for those whose updates are merely to impress or to attract, then you need to learn a little lesson.

“Bahawasanya segala amalan itu adalah dengan niat, dan setiap orang mendapat (pahala) berdasarkan apa yang dia niatkan. Sesiapa yang berhijrah kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya, maka hijrahnya itu adalah kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya. Sesiapa yang berhijrah kerana dunia yang akan diperolehinya, atau kerana perempuan yang ingin dikahwininya, maka hijrahnya itu adalah kepada apa yang dia niatkan.” (HR Bukhari dan Muslim)

We start every action with a  pure intention. Not to impress, not to attract. Doing something for the sake of Allah SWT. Not to please others. Mashallah, do you know ow important a pure intention is in an action. It separates you from others and it also defines the outcome of your actions. I'm just saying.

Last thought, I'm very much grateful that I was raised FAR away from the city and I had an overprotective mom. People often me why my mum is like that. I dont know what to answer but I always had the greatest answer in my head. Its because, my mom doesn't want me to be one of those girls who socialise who sees Islam as an obstacle or a fashion statement. She didn't want me to get so involved in the dunya and to her i owe the greatest honour :)

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