"I am not a word, I am not a line. I am a girl that can never be defined" - Syifaa' and I'm just another messed up kid.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 01

A picture with 15 facts about me.

I love gadgets. The Gucci wallet is my first wallet. That iPhone was my first phone ever! I like writing. I used to write poems and my I gave them to my friends to read. My friend Ain said i was LIKE Taylor Swift. The concept of writing poems in my diary.. I like collecting iPhone 4 covers. I only have like about six. I like colors. I dont have a favorite color. The bars on my window represents how unsocial I am. My parents are protective of me, so I hardly got to hang with friends. I think I have a pretty smile. I have dimples. I'm a music enthusiast, my iPhone and my iPod are essential. I really like to travel. I dont like my room color. I have thick eyebrows and a small nose. I like my hair, thats why I put it in a hijab. This pashmina was a gift for my 18th birthday by Huda, Lala and Dede. I like photography. 

This is going to be hard for me to admit, but i've recently have been stuck on Glee. No, i'm not a gleek, but i have to say the drama is too intense and out of proportion. I mean everyone has been with everyone in Glee. Not to sound like fun killer but hello, aren't you guys suppose to be friend. Its kind of weird friends sharing exes. Unpopular opinion..

Song of the day is Maroon 5 Runaway. I really like it.

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