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Monday, February 28, 2011

time was meant to pass

time pass and so do we. those who are stuck in the past either have something to be fixed or are just being taught a lesson.

i'm tired of reading posts about love and crushes and dead ex boyfriends -___- i dont mean to sound insensitive but at this point i sometimes ask myself where are we driving to? are we plunging into deep vortex thats bound to delete us from the fabric nature of the humans species? do we want this to happen? the reason i'm using the term 'we' is because obviously we are responsible for our actions. we're not a one man show, we're a cast :)

so this brings me to my next topic. ugh i even feel disgusted typing these 4 lettered words. love

we think we're wise just because we've been dumped a few times and our heart were shattered into a million pieces. we think we're wise because of all the nights we cried when we were abandoned by the one we truly love. we think we're wise because the man we truly loved

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