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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

bieber fuckbag

hiya there :)

i have a theory. you see a group of guys walking and your eyes are instantly attracted to all of them. is it true? truee kann! this is what i call the

barney factor

thats because i got it while watching How I Met Your Mother x) the hotness of these guys are only because they walk in groups. as for girls, the hotness of these girls are because they are walking in a group. if you separate them one by one, you'll see flaws on how they look. one dude may have a unibrow or whatever. not only that, you'll also see the real person they truly are. also known as the cheerleader factor.

so dear guys, 

you know your girlfriends are bitches, skanks and can never ever carry the baby or your generation. so dump them already, get a degree a job. then you can marry the perfect women! because if you want someone worthwhile, you'd also have to be superkick ass worthwhile!

ok, that was random. so people on Tumblr are totally talking about Libya. i wont comment on that because I know muslims are not entirely proud of the killing but we are proud at the rise of the muslim to not be bullied and stepped on :)

while people are worried about Libya, some ore commenting on biberSUCKS new haircut

oh yeah, speaking of Tumblr, i was so fking jealous sbb sume org dpt hate msg so i requested for one. and this is waht i got. -__-

wth? this is not hate msg! come onnnn! but then, awwwww!

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